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Case Studies

Since 1997, Euclid has worked with hundreds member-based organizations across a wide variety of industries to help them achieve their objectives. Whether an organization is looking to completely innovate its entire operation, grow its membership, offer better service and products, and/or create a presence on the web, Euclid has the experience and technology to allow each organization to realize its vision and reach its goals. Our case studies describe how Euclid and our clients have partnered together to create solutions that achieve Real Results. Fast.

Colorado Bar Association CLE Case Study

Colorado Bar Association CLE reinvented their website with ClearVantage Connect. Implementing Euclid's content management system gave them all the benefits of a traditional CMS with the added benefits of CMS/AMS integration.

Alberta Land Surveyors' Association Case Study

Like Many associations today, ALSA's members want to be able to access information and get the services and products that they need via a smartphone or tablet. ALSA recognized this need and found that Euclid's CV Mobile Member met all of their requirements.

Professional Liability Underwriting Society Case Study

A Euclid Technology client since 2004, PLUS selected CV Connect, Euclid’s Content Management System (CMS), to provide its members a unique online experience. CV Connect allows PLUS to create dynamic content areas that display personalized information for each of their members.

California Medical Association Case Study

ClearVantage helped CMA handle their complex dues billing structure by creating a dues transmittal process in which each of their 39 chapters can submit their invoices to them directly in batches.

Educational Theatre Association Case Study

ClearVantage helped EdTA streamline many of their internal operations. By organizing all of the association's information into one integrated, centralized source, ClearVantage increases data integrity across every level of EdTA's organization.

Colorado Bar Association Case Study

After implementing ClearVantage, CBA has the ability to process and track its many levels of membership dues with ease. Its powerful billing capabilities automatically adjust appropriate member dues' levels based on numerous factors and make it easy for members to pay bills online.

ChangeWave Case Study

After struggling with various vendors large and small to implement their vision, ChangeWave approached Euclid. Only Euclid was able to provide the right combination of powerful software, a thorough implementation approach and a dedicated project team to execute that vision.

District of Columbia Bar Case Study

ClearVantage now allows DC Bar’s members to easily stay in touch with one another by using the software’s community building functions. In addition, the organization’s staff is now able to perform controlled marketing for events and publications through the software’s ability to provide detailed demographic searches to target specific members.

National Center for Housing Management Case Study

ClearVantage revolutionized event management at NCHM by cutting the time it takes to register a member by over 20 fold. NCHM also regularly uses ClearVantage to conduct targeted marketing efforts that have dramatically increased program attendance and overall revenue.

ChangeWave Alliance Case Study

Euclid's ClearVantage community building tools have been used by ChangeWave Investment Resources to build the "ChangeWave Alliance," a unique investment intelligence network composed of 3,000 highly qualified, credentialed business executives and technology professionals representing over 20 different industry sectors worldwide.