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Client Testimonials

When you partner with Euclid, you get the best association management software, the best implementation and the best support... but you don't have to take our word for it. Just listen to what our clients say about us:

What Our Clients are Saying...
About Euclid's ClearVantage Software:

California Medical Association Logo
"We conducted an extremely comprehensive search to ensure that we saw what all of the AMS providers in the industry offer to their prospective clients. With an organization of our size and complexity, it was important that the solution we chose be able to meet our every need. We needed a powerful product that not only offered all of the web functionality that our members require but also offer the security of a smart, thin client application. We also needed a system that would bring together our society's branches through one unified mechanism of operation. In addition, it was imperative that the product be able to handle the complex dues and billing process of our 38 societies while simultaneously having the breadth of functionality needed to manage our business practices… all without much customization to the original software. After all was said and done, Euclid's ClearVantage proved to be the right choice."

Shirley Wtulich
Director of Information Technology
California Medical Association


Alaska Bar Association Logo
“The Alaska Bar Association conducted an extensive search for new association management software. We needed software that could efficiently manage the needs of our bar association, such as license renewal and MCLE. A big draw was the real-time integration with our website, which will allow our members to do even more functions online, such as CLE registration and payment. The Bar will also be able to more easily provide member information on the website, such as current Section members. Euclid Technology has an excellent reputation within the bar association community and ultimately it was that reputation that sold us on ClearVantage.”

Deborah O’Regan
Executive Director
Alaska Bar Association


AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing Logo
"As an organization, we required our association management software to come as SaaS [software-as-a-service], but we didn't want to sacrifice functionality. Euclid was able to quickly deliver us a 'best of both worlds' solution with ClearVantage Sapphire. We are impressed by all that CV Sapphire has to offer in addition to its smooth, quick and painless on-boarding process."

Horacio Gavilan
Executive Director
AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing


Professional Liability Underwriting Society Logo
“We worked closely with the Euclid team to examine our business processes and ultimately implemented solutions that are truly incredible. Our members now have a web experience that speaks to their interests, and we are better equipped to tailor our offerings to our diverse membership.”

Scott Billey
Director of Operations
Professional Liability Underwriting Society


Alberta Land Surveyors' Association Logo
“Our members are increasingly requesting ‘on-the-go’ access to member services from their cell phones and tablets. Implementing Mobile Member was an opportunity for us to add value and convenience to our member experience. It also became a new opportunity for generating more non-dues revenue since members can now purchase products from almost anywhere.”

Dawn Phelan
Executive Assistant
Alberta Land Surveyors' Association


Health Care Compliance Association Logo
“[HCCA] required a solution that would allow our members to continue to interact using our social networking platform, Higher Logic. While our members count on us as a valuable resource for education and certification, over the past few years they’ve also come to rely on us more as it relates to communicating with each other. Euclid’s preconfigured social media integration points will allow us to do that. That functionality served as an additional incentive to go with Euclid and ClearVantage.”

Roy Snell
Chief Executive Officer
Health Care Compliance Association


"We initially chose Euclid based on its well regarded software and reputation within our industry. From a technological perspective, we can now offer more to our members, particularly with our online features. Our website and AMS provide self-service capabilities to our members, including online registration. Euclid implemented a newly designed website in both English and French, and a web-based system, Euclid's CLAS, manages many of our chapter functions. We also increased our capacity for marketing and communications. It's been a great partnership to date, and I expect that it will only get better for both Euclid and CSAE in the future."

Michael Anderson
President and CEO
Canadian Society of Association Executives


South Carolina Bar Association Logo"
We were impressed with what the ClearVantage product offers.  It operates from a single database – from membership to event registration to accounting to web integration – which allows much greater productivity.

Bob Wells
Executive Director
South Carolina Bar Association


Orange County Bar Association Logo
"ClearVantage Connect has drastically improved our web processes. The system offers a wide array of tools to intuitively manage the content of our website. We can now easily manage site permissions and site content without the need for external applications and extensive programming knowledge.  CV Connect also allows us to instantly post announcements and discussions with just a few clicks of a mouse.  This functionality allows our members easy access to breaking news and to immediately post feedback."

Dennis Slaughter
Director of Information Technology
Orange County Bar Association



What Our Clients are Saying...
About Euclid's Implementations:

"Euclid has the best team of specialists that I've ever worked with on a project of this scope. They listened carefully to what we had to say and were very technically competent. Every member on the project team constantly communicated with us by following up on any and all questions that we had. Overall, the implementation process was very smooth and well managed. Euclid's team of experts was dedicated to getting the job done right, and they did just that."

John Kinas
Director of Information Technology
The District of Columbia Bar

American Medical Technologists Logo

"The implementation process took some time but was well worth it in the end. Euclid's methodology allowed us to rethink and rework our processes so that we can succeed in an increasingly online world. Simply put, we are quite happy with the results."

Christopher Damon
Executive Director
American Medical Technologists

Educational Theatre Association Logo

"The Euclid team took a lot of time to fully understand our business processes. From effectively capturing our old data to ensure a smooth system conversion to providing thorough, step-by-step training lessons on how to use ClearVantage, Euclid's team took the 'extra step' by making it their objective to give us the level of comfort we needed to move forward, and not leave us behind with just a training manual."

David LaFleche
Director of Membership
Educational Theatre Association


"Euclid's staff was there to walk us through any challenges that arose. We were particularly impressed with one of Euclid's expert trainers. She had that rare combination of professionalism and comfort with the product that allowed her to be easily approachable for the technical questions that arose. MRA has a lot of trainers on staff, and many of our employees were  delighted with the quality of onsite and remote training provided."

Fe Petterson
The Management Association


Utah State Bar Logo
“Equally as important as the software’s functionality was having a partner that was an expert in implementation and experienced in our industry. We took note that Euclid has several bar associations as clients so they understand our industry and our particular needs.”

John Baldwin
Executive Director
The Utah State Bar


The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers Logo

"The Euclid team guided us through the entire implementation.  Not once did we feel as though we were on our own or couldn’t call them with any questions or concerns.  Since the go live, we’ve used the system extensively from day one. Euclid is always quick to respond when we have questions or concerns arise.  They’ve been wonderful to work with."

Allison Bowman
Senior Vice President of Member Services
Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers


What Our Clients are Saying...
About Euclid's Ongoing Support:

"The Euclid team is truly top notch at every level of engagement. Having a partner like Euclid has helped our organization in so many ways and they are always there to assist with any issue. Support from this team has surpassed my expectations and the results have been on average... outstanding! Hats off to Euclid for its brilliance, great support and for building such an amicable relationship."

Joe Parisi
Data Analyst and System Support
American Accounting Association

Educational Theatre Association Logo

"Euclid truly offers the best support of any software company that I have ever dealt with, and that level of personalized attention has meant so much to our staff throughout the implementation and now after the go live."

David LaFleche
Director of Membership
Educational Theatre Association


South Carolina Bar Association Logo

"The support is the best I have ever worked with. I view them as an extension to my staff and resources. I think at some point I've worked with just about everybody on the support, web and programming teams. Oh and the sales team. To make my experience better would be tough."

Joey Heape
Director of Media & Technology
South Carolina Bar Association


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