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Euclid Technology Team

Everyone at Euclid has a relentless commitment to success that is engrained in our company culture. This commitment is evident in our superior association management software solutions, expertly implemented on-time and on-budget, that consistently surpass client expectations. The intellectual capital at the core of Euclid enables industry-leading implementations by a team with years of experience in the association industry; continuous software innovation by our team of developers; and excellent post-implementation support for all of our clients. Meet some of Euclid's team members:

Charles Vinal, President and CEO

Charlie VinalCharlie Vinal is the Founder, President and CEO of Euclid Technology. Charlie has over 20 years of experience growing and managing successful companies, building advanced enterprise software solutions, and providing business and technology consulting services to marquee clients, including trade associations, nonprofits, professional associations, Fortune 100 companies, governmental agencies and small businesses.

As President and CEO of Euclid, Charlie is responsible for setting Euclid's strategic direction, managing operations, and ensuring that Euclid's clients receive the best possible combination of user friendly technology and outstanding service. Charlie's unbridled commitment to customer satisfaction is legendary at Euclid and throughout the industry. As Charlie often points out - setting the strategic direction is easy - just learn and anticipate what your clients need and build a business around delivering it. That's what Charlie and his team have done at Euclid, to the delight of its shareholders, employees, and most importantly, its customers.

Charlie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Cornell University and an MBA in Information Systems Management from the University of Texas at Austin.

Valerie Calder, Vice President of Client Services

Valerie CalderValerie Calder is Euclid Technology's Vice President of Client Services, where she is responsible for the management and coordination of multiple client implementations.

Valerie has over three decades of experience in project management, including requirements analysis, full life cycle development and project execution. Before coming to Euclid, she served as the Senior Analyst and Project Manager at Results Direct, a web consulting and design firm that caters to membership organizations. Her experience also includes several years at AZTECH Corporation, an association management software company, where she served as Vice President of Software Development, and at Gomembers, where she was Director of Project Development.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from George Washington University.

Dan Antonoff, Vice President of Sales

Dan AntonoffDan Antonoff brings over 25 years of experience in sales to Euclid Technology. He has excelled in sales and business development at a variety of organizations, including nonprofits and commercial companies.

Prior to coming to Euclid in 1999, Dan served as the vice president of sales at a national nonprofit association where he was highly successful in increasing event, training and product sales aimed at its members. In that position, Dan used Euclid’s enterprise management software, ClearVantage, on a daily basis for nearly four years and therefore understands – as too few sales executives do – how the software can be fully leveraged for each and every client. Dan was also the owner of a landscaping business where, for a decade, he was solely responsible for the sales and marketing of a growing and profitable company.

Dan’s background in association management and sales provide him with unparalleled insight into the special needs and technical requirements of the nonprofit and trade association communities, as well as those of small to mid-sized businesses trying to utilize technology to maximum advantage.

Susan Vinal, Vice President of Human Resources

Susan VinalSusan Vinal is the Vice President of Human Resources at Euclid Technology, where she is responsible for identifying and recruiting exceptional talent and sustaining a challenging and stimulating work environment.

Susan brings to the position a wealth of experience in the association and government sectors, as well as a strong background in human resources. Prior to her position at Euclid, Ms. Vinal served as the legislative director of a national nonprofit in Washington, DC, where, in addition to legislative responsibilities, she was responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the office. Her background also includes legislative work in the United States Senate and with two trade associations.

Susan received her Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University and earned a Master of Arts degree at the University of Texas at Austin.

Mark Anderson, Vice President, Web Services Group

Mark AndersonMark Anderson is Euclid Technology's Vice President of Web Services, where he is responsible for the management and coordination of the Web Services team. He serves as the primary product manager of the ClearVantage Connect CMS platform and also manages the ClearVantage Sapphire hosting platform.

Mark has over twenty years of experience in web technologies and IT management. He has successfully managed web analysts and developers for over ten years. He also has over fifteen years of experience working with multiple Content Management Systems. Before coming to Euclid, he served as the Vice President of IT and Web Technology at InvestorPlace, an investment publication company. One of the divisions of InvestorPlace has been a user of ClearVantage since 2000 and Mark has been a user of ClearVantage since that time.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of LaVerne in LaVerne California.

Sukhbir Deol, Vice President, Software Development

Sukhbir DeolSukhbir Deol is Euclid Technology's Vice President of Software Development, where he leads the research and development of Euclid's enterprise back-office product solutions.

Sukhbir has twenty-five years of experience in developing enterprise software solutions and managing product development teams. He has been with Euclid Technology for over 10 years. Prior to joining Euclid, Sukhbir was the lead software engineer on large-scale ERP, accounting, medical and engineering software applications. 

Sukhbir holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering.