Tips for Your Summer Vacation
Mark Anderson


A Nigerian Prince Wants to Give Me Money!

Three Nigerians Sentenced to Prison in U.S. Over Massive Fraud Scheme: Three Nigerian nationals have been handed prison sentences totaling 235 years by a U.S. court for their role in a massive international online scheme that involved romance scams, identity theft, fraud and money laundering.


Top 10 Mobile Security Tips for Your Summer Vacation

With the summer holiday and festival season getting into full swing, you’ll want to stay connected to convenient travel and social media apps more than ever. But it’s important to be hyper-aware that cyberthieves are on the prowl for your personal, financial, and location information.


Target to Pay States $18.5 Million Over 2013 Data Breach

U.S. retail giant Target has entered a settlement with the Attorneys General of 47 states and it has agreed to pay $18.5 million over the massive data breach suffered by the company in 2013.


Rash of Phishing Attacks Use HTTPS to Con Victims

Raised awareness of the use of HTTPS has created a “strange side-effect” where consumers trust anything secured with HTTPS, they said, adding that trust is increasingly being abused by scammers especially through phishing attacks.



VMware Releases Security Advisory for VMware Workstation, Addressing Multiple Vulnerabilities

VMware has released a security advisory for two vulnerabilities that have been identified in VMware Workstation. The first vulnerability, CVE-2017-4915, is an insecure library loading vulnerability that could "allow unprivileged host users to escalate their privileges to root in a Linux host machine." The second vulnerability, CVE-2017-4916, is a NULL pointer dereference vulnerability that could allow "host users with normal user privileges to trigger a denial-of-service in a Windows host machine." VMware has released a software update that addresses these vulnerabilities