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The ClearVantage Architecture

The Industry's First Web Oriented Architecture

ClearVantage association management software is built upon the industry's first and only Web Oriented Architecture (WOA). What this means is that, unlike browser-only AMS solutions that limit your access options, ClearVantage users can access all the information from their association management software whenever, wherever and however they need it. For example, members can access your website via a standard web browser or a smart-phone, while remote and on-site employees can access the AMS using a browser, a mobile device, or Euclid's incredibly powerful and easy-to-use thin client application.

The ClearVantage Architecture consists of an extensive data repository which is accessed via a powerful set of application services. These application services in turn are accessed by users through ClearVantage User Applications. Because all of the ClearVantage User Applications utilize the ClearVantage Application Services layer, business rules are consistently applied and easily updated. Furthermore, this multi-tier architecture allows ClearVantage to easily scale to support even the most demanding environments. Also, because Euclid's WOA is based upon widely accepted industry standards (Euclid's web services are REST-based), it is easy to integrate third party applications with ClearVantage, including custom built websites if your organization already has one that it would like to continue using.

In addition to providing the most comprehensive AMS functionality available, ClearVantage also provides complete Web Content Management, Electronic Commerce, On-line Member Self Service and On line Communities (which include some great web 2.0 features).