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ClearVantage Modules

Association Management Software Functionality

ClearVantage provides the most comprehensive functionality of any association management software package available. Each module has been designed and built by Euclid to provide a seamless and consistent end-user experience. Below is a partial listing of available modules.

Functional Modules

Cross Cutting Modules

Integration Modules

The ClearVantage Dashboard

The ClearVantage Dashboard is a ClearVantage user's one-stop-shop for managing workflow. From a single location, ClearVantage users can track Action items (work assigned to them), view real-time, personalized reports, pick up and send emails, manage opportunities such as fundraising, exhibit sales, event sponsorships, manage staff calendars and much more.

The system's robust functionality allows users to determine what information is displayed on their dashboards and to personalize those views as necessary -- all with a few clicks of a mouse.

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Membership Management Module

Member-centric organizations often have a more complex and personalized relationship with their members. The ClearVantage Member Relationship Management module is a powerful tool that allows you to build and maintain these relationships and grow your membership base. ClearVantage makes it easy to access, analyze and maintain member/prospect information, and its seamless integration with ClearVantage’s other modules makes delivering services a “one-click” process.

From within this module, you can use ClearVantage’s powerful querying ability to create lists of members or organizations to work with, view and edit membership information and activities through member notebooks, print detailed or summary reports, export membership information to other products, analyze your membership base with graphs, conduct targeted direct marketing/telemarketing campaigns, use the integrated word processing to send customized letters, sign up members for any type of service or product, and more. And you can even track by multiple member types, by membership status, contact status and other vital information.

Complete web integration allows members to update profiles, submit ideas, view the events they have attended, pay bills online, request customer service, check product delivery status, and much more. With ClearVantage, members can serve themselves – when, where and how they want to.

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Event Management

Managing events, such as conferences, training seminars and trade shows, is a difficult, time-consuming and highly visible task. For many organizations, event management is the most important benefit provided to members, and a key source of revenue. ClearVantage’s Event Management module is designed to make event management a smooth and effective process.

ClearVantage will walk you through the entire event process – establishing reusable event formats, managing logistics (e.g., speakers, exhibitors, meeting room locations, materials), registering members, maintaining payment and invoice information, printing confirmation letters and attendance certificates, and much more.

The Event Management module also has built-in analysis and visualization features to help you determine event schedules – and maximize revenue. For example, you can compare total attendance or average attendance by event type, city, or other factors and allocate your organization’s resources accordingly.

ClearVantage’s Event Management module will handle the smallest to the most complex event with ease, allowing you to produce successful events for your members – and increase your overall revenue.

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Exhibitor Management

The ClearVantage Exhibit Management module (which is affiliated with the Events module) allows users to create and track booths at trade shows. This functionality also includes the ability to create and pay invoices (in single or multiple payments), track booth location, specify booth attendees, and detail special needs and booth requirements such as internet access, carpet, electricity, etc.

The Exhibit Management module also includes mapping capabilities so that users can create floor plans, link booths, build islands and more. Floor plan functionality even flows through to the web and allows for real-time booth purchases.

Staff will like the ease-of-use and exhibitors will love the online functionality that this module provides.

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Certification Management

The ClearVantage Certification Management module is tightly linked to the Events Management module, greatly streamlining the certification process. In this module, you can define certification requirements (and enforce these requirements via customized certification templates), track continuing education units, record number and letter grades, analyze test scores by numerous factors (age, income, education level, specific events, trainers, etc.), identify groups of individuals with specific certifications (e.g., to offer additional educational programs), and print customized, desktop publishing-quality letters and certificates. Its tracking ability is so powerful that membership status and member type can be automatically updated when a member receives a certain certification. Also, this module is able to track Continuing Education Units (CEUs) as well as the hours required to main certifications. It also allows for self-reporting of class attendance and CEUs earned via the internet or Smart Phone

Eliminate the hassles, confusion and time associated with managing certification for your members with the ClearVantage Certification Management module.

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Sales Force Automation & Opportunity Management

Sales force automation, contact management, action management – Euclid Technology understands that these functions are critical to the success of your organization. ClearVantage integrates these functions with your membership system to create a complete opportunity management system. With this module, you can easily create “action lists” of members and prospects based on numerous criteria (e.g., demographics, event attendance, certifications) and assign the lists to any number of sales representatives.

Other features include: tracking of action items by sales representative, action type (e.g., call, fax, write), action category, action status, due date, and action result; the “one click” ability to register for events, make phone calls, sell subscriptions and products right from the action list; and data warehousing capabilities that allow you to analyze member interactions and their results.

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Subscription Management

Marketing and selling subscriptions (publications, newsletters, information/content services, catalogs, or other subscriptions-based products) is the lifeblood of many member-centric organizations. Yet, the administration of this essential function can be daunting. Associations often have to manage a patchwork of technologies that do not fit their systems and require too much effort and resources to manage.

Euclid Technology offers a Subscription Management module that seamlessly automates the entire process including prospecting, acquiring, converting and renewing subscribers over the entire customer life cycle. No matter how many subscriptions or special offer packages you add, Euclid Technology can help you manage and quickly act on that information.

This module easily handles the complexities involved in subscription management by, for example, automatically calculating subscription periods and amounts; automatically tracking payment status and then updating the customer fields (e.g., send one bill to an organization with multiple members).

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Work Flow Management (Action Items)

ClearVantage provides powerful tools for managers to smooth out and increase the work-flow of employees. "Action items" are integral to effective work flow management, allowing managers to assign tasks to employees (to be completed by a specific date) that are sent directly to their desktop also included in the "action item" functionality is the action type to be taken (call, email, fax, etc.), the assignor of the task priority, and action status.

Work flow management is further enhanced by ClearVantage's case management approach to membership – i.e., member representatives now have relevant information at their fingertips when speaking to members since each notebook includes any correspondence, event registration, product purchases, certification levels, skills, interests, notes, and more for the employee to access, increasing productivity and improving overall customer service.

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Project Management

If you have ever struggled with utilizing third party project management applications, you're going to love the ClearVantage Project Management module. This easy-to-use tool allows users to create projects that include project codes and titles, project type, and billing categories.

The Project Management tool also allows you to track specific organizations that are sponsoring a project, manage separate project phases, affiliate individuals (both staff and members) to a project, attach related documents or committees, and even view task time lines in full color. The module also gives you the ability to manage start and stop dates and track estimated and real-time hours and prices.

For recurring projects (e.g. an annual conference) simply select the "Duplicate Project" option to copy an existing project and create a new one.

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Marketing Campaign & Appeal Managemen

ClearVantage’s Marketing Campaign Management Module brings associations to the next level in their marketing efforts. ClearVantage’s powerful querying abilities allows you to develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns. Gone are the days of spending valuable money and resources on direct mail campaigns to your entire membership, with little results. Instead, you can utilize the Marketing Campaign Management Module to easily create a list of members who are most likely to be interested in the particular product, event or issue that you’re pitching in the campaign.

Target lists can be created based on any number of factors, including age, education, skills, interests, certification requirements, and event participation history.   So, for example, a state bar association can send out a mailing on an upcoming real estate law seminar to those individuals who have a real estate law background, have attended a real estate seminar in the past, or who need that particular seminar for their continuing education or certification requirements. And, from within ClearVantage, you can email, fax, call or mail personalized communications (based upon the member’s preferences) with just a couple clicks of the mouse. And with ClearVantage’s multi-channel sales capabilities, customers can instantly order online, by phone, or in person.

With ClearVantage’s Marketing Campaign Management Module, member-centric organizations can successfully engage in precision marketing, offering products, events and services that the member is actually interested in while also increasing overall revenue and member satisfaction with your organization.

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Committee Management

Euclid Technology recognizes the important role that committees (including working groups, sections, task forces and boards) play within associations. Keeping track of their activities is essential for the smooth running of any member-centric organization. ClearVantage’s Committee Management Module is a powerful tool that allows you to create, track and administer all aspects of your organization’s committee activities. You can easily assign members and non-members to committees (and subcommittees) and track their activities. Within the module, you can enter and maintain detailed information on budget, committee status, minutes and other notes. Meeting notices, mailing labels, rosters and notes can be printed with a click of the mouse.

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Product Sales & Inventory Management

Euclid Technology understands how important product sales are to member-centric organizations, providing value to members, increasing income and building awareness of your organization in the marketplace. The ClearVantage Product and Inventory Management Module offers comprehensive functionality to serve all of your organization’s sales and inventory needs.   This module helps you improve your sales strategy by managing all aspects of product sales and inventory. It is tightly integrated with the Financial Management Module for easy invoicing and payment and, like the other modules, has built-in data warehousing features for performing detailed analysis on product sales, inventory levels, profit levels, COGS, inventory cost and more.

In addition, ClearVantage’s Product and Inventory Management module is so sophisticated that it can set target levels and reorder periods for inventory, allowing you to know when to reorder inventory. The batch ordering process allows you to quickly create vendor orders for products that have fallen to low levels and need reordering. Once that inventory is received, the vendor order is automatically updated as “received” and the inventory number is updated as well. Cancelled, deleted or returned orders are also tracked within the system, and inventory numbers are changed to reflect these cancellations or returns.

What also sets ClearVantage’s Product and Inventory Management module apart from most of its competitors is its complete integration with your website, allowing for automatic updating of inventory levels once a product sale occurs online or off-line. For example, if someone purchases a product (whether online or in person, by mail, phone, or fax), the inventory level is automatically updated within ClearVantage – so no more need for double entries! If that product is the last one for sale, then the website is automatically updated, letting the member know that the product is no longer in stock. What’s more, you can enter any new product offerings, price changes or new pictures of the products directly into this module, and the information automatically updates your website! It has never been so easy to both administer your website and perform vital inventory management tasks.

ClearVantage’s Product and Inventory Management Module offers your organization several powerful tools to increase sales – both online and off-line – and keep better track of your inventory.

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Order Entry

ClearVantage has outstanding order entry functionality that makes it easy to search and find products of interest to members. Shopping carts are created for easy ordering of products. ClearVantage automatically gives member price discounts (if applicable) to people who have paid their membership dues. Other features include bulk pricing capabilities (e.g., 1 to 5 products at $5, 5 to 100 at $4, more than 100 at $3); advanced tax calculations across jurisdictions (e.g., the member will be automatically charged Virginia sales tax if he resides in Virginia; New York tax if he resides in New York, etc.); and the ability to mark orders for auto-supplementation (i.e., if the member wants an annual update of a publication).

Also, members are immediately notified if a product is out of stock and when the next delivery is expected. ClearVantage even alerts the member of alternative or suggested products, should a product be out of stock or discontinued.

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Order Fulfillment

ClearVantage’s order fulfillment makes it easy to pack, ship and track your member’s orders. All orders taken – whether it is via the web, fax, phone, or in person -- are centrally accessed through the fulfillment interface. Packing slips tell where the products are located to make packing fast and easy. Once the orders are packed, you only need to click a button and all of the orders are marked as shipped. The module also has the ability to mark partial shipment when some of the inventory items in an order are out of stock.

In addition, integration with the UPS, USPS and FedEx software systems makes it easy to schedule pick-ups and track shipping costs. Once shipped, delivery status can be easily checked by simply clicking on a button in ClearVantage. You can even track who signed for the pick-up! ClearVantage also manages multi-warehouse distribution for order fulfillment.

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Financial Management (Accounts Receivable & Billing Management)

The ClearVantage Financial Management module administers billing and payment information for all financial transactions recorded in ClearVantage, including event registrations, product purchases, subscription sales and dues fulfillment.

Some of its features include accounting for multiple transactions (e.g., dues and events) on a single invoice; the ability to apply multiple payments to a single invoice, or one payment to multiple invoices; the tracking, recording and processing of payments (by checks, credit cards, cash); powerful search capabilities to find specific invoices or payments based on numerous criteria; automatic flow-through of payment status information to other modules; creation of dynamic online and/or paper-based financial reports; printing of desktop publishing-quality invoices and reports; and integration with leading accounting packages, such as Solomon and Great Plains software.

Reduce the likelihood of costly errors and save your organization time and money with the ClearVantage Financial Management module.

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Survey Management

With ClearVantage's online survey capabilities, you can get a more informed view of your members' needs and interests. The ClearVantage web service allows you to easily develop online surveys that include the appropriate question formats (e.g. open-ended, true/false, select an answer from a list, check all answers that apply from a list, and much more) and have your members respond online. Each response is then automatically linked to the customer record within ClearVantage, allowing for a richer historical picture of the member.

For example, you now know that Jane Doe answered a question on new training seminars she'd like to see your organization offer - which makes sense since she's been an active member for over ten years and has attended organization sponsored events the entire time. Her answer on others in the survey alert you to the need for a particular event for long standing members that are active with your organization. In other words, ClearVantage's online surveying capabilities allow member-focused organizations to be more attuned to what members want and need so that service offerings can be changed accordingly. Surveys are also easily attached to events and used as a critique tool. The survey tool also integrates with the ClearVantage Report Writer for real-time survey reports.

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Professional Referral

Generate new revenue while better serving your organization's community with ClearVantage's Professional Referral Module. Designed specifically for professional associations, such as those that serve the medical, law, accounting, or finance industries, this module allows you to seamlessly match the needs of an individual in the general public to the qualifications of a professional that meet that individual's criteria. In addition, the Referral System not only evenly distributes the referrals to qualified members withing your database, but also supports any type of referral fee structure – whether it is flat, referral rate, or percentage of services rendered.

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Fully Integrated E-Commerce

Euclid Technology allows your enterprise to create a real online presence, harnessing the power of the Internet to grow your customer base. By completely integrating ClearVantage with your website, Euclid adds another level of service and convenience for your customers, while also making it easier for you to administer your website. Web visitors can purchase products, participate in online surveys, register for upcoming events, and more -- all in real time.

ClearVantage doesn’t just integrate with your website, it builds and updates your website. For example, if you need to add new products or events, change the price of a product or revise a product description, you can simply enter the information into ClearVantage and that information is automatically generated online (so no more double entries!). Updating and administering your website has never been easier.

Euclid Technology’s fully integrated E-commerce solutions provide you with another way to attract and retain customers, who will be delighted with the online features. And the benefits don’t stop with your customers – your organization now has a powerful marketing vehicle to capture up-to-the-minute information about current and prospective customers, allowing you to better serve your customers and grow your business in the long run.

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Dues Management

The Dues Management module seamlessly automates the entire dues process—from prospecting, acquiring, converting and renewing members – over the entire customer life cycle. No matter how many types of dues you have, ClearVantage makes the entire process easy.

ClearVantage’s Dues Management module manages all aspects of membership renewals. The module easily handles the complexities involved in dues management by, for example, automatically calculating dues periods and amounts; automatically tracking payment status and then updating the membership fields (e.g., termination date, membership status); printing of customized renewal notices based on anniversary date, billing date or billing period; and printing of multiple dues on a single invoice (e.g., send one bill to an organization with multiple members). ClearVantage’s Dues Management module can even create lists of dues based on any number of fields and produce a variety of reports for your staff’s use.

This module is so powerful that it can create special dues for Chapters and Committees, in addition to base membership dues. Customization is also available for changes in due types based on factors like years of membership or education – for example, once a person reaches a particular anniversary date as a member, the member type is automatically switched from Junior to Intermediate.

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Online Dues & Invoicing Payments

With ClearVantage, you can easily create dues invoices, which are then automatically generated online and sent via email to your members, should they choose this option. Members appreciate the convenience and ease of paying their dues online while organizations can reduce mailing costs and invoicing headaches.

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Document Management

Have you ever wanted to lay your hands on a letter while talking to a customer on the telephone? Or have you found that your staff often creates two different documents for the same purpose? ClearVantage integrates document management capabilities in the individual and organization modules, allowing you to store applicable documents (contracts, resumes, signed authorization forms, correspondence, etc.) directly in the notebook to which they pertain. ClearVantage also comes with Information Central, which stores documents applicable across all members (blank forms, reports, policy letters, etc.) in one central location for access by all ClearVantage users, forming a mini-“Intranet” for your organization.

ClearVantage’s document management capabilities allow your organization to take a case management approach to your membership base by having relevant information at your staff’s fingertips to answer questions. With ClearVantage, you can raise productivity, reduce administrative costs, and communicate more effectively with your members.

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Job Boards

In today’s online, community-based society, many associations find it important to offer the benefit of a career center that includes an interactive online job board to their members.

For companies posting jobs, the ClearVantage Job Board allows staff users, organization members and the general public to post available jobs that include information such as:

  • Company
  • Title
  • Location
  • Position Description
  • Principal Responsibilities
  • Company Contact Information
  • Company Website
  • Uploaded Documents
  • ...and more

The Job Board module can also be used to drive non-dues revenue. If job postings aren’t offered as a member benefit, they can be sold as classified ads to members or the general public.

The Job Board allows potential applicants to peruse available positions and review the posted information. If applicable, job seekers can then apply for open positions by submitting requested information directly from the website including:

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Information
  • Salary Requirements
  • Official Documents (resumes, transcripts, cover letters, etc.)
  • ...and more

The ClearVantage Job Board is a powerful online tool that provides real benefits to your organization and its members.

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Power Query Module

Many of today's association management systems store information that is vital to an organization's operations: membership information, event attendance, product purchase history, invoices and payments, survey responses, demographics and much, much more. But, what is the value of information if users are not able to use it for tasks such as marketing, fact finding and information gathering, providing member services and more? Just as important, how long do users typically wait for results due to the fact that only one or two people in the organization know how to access this type of information and then merge it from several different third party applications? Days, weeks, months?

The ClearVantage Power Query tool allows users to easily query on every data field stored within the system. The powerful NOT query functionality allows users to create precision lists such as "show all active members within 50 miles of Washington, DC that have been active for 3 consecutive years, that have attended an event in the last year, purchased one of our organization's products, and are currently sitting on a finance committee but have NOT registered for the upcoming Annual Conference" that can be used for marketing purposes. Your membership services department can utilize the Power Query Tool to find past members that can be invited to join up again. The fundraising department will be thrilled to manage searches for general donations or more sophisticated moves management. All of that information at your fingertips and reusable real-time lists are created in just seconds by any user!

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Blast Communication

Blast communications are only effective if the data that is used to create Recipient Lists is current and relevant.  As is mentioned in the Power Query Tool description above, precision lists can be created based on any criteria stored within ClearVantage.

Once a list is created, save it as "Pre-defined" for future use. Pre-defined lists are real-time and therefore always current.

There are several options for delivering Blast communications in ClearVantage. Use the simple e-mail option or utilize the ClearVantage Integrated Communication Tool that stores templates and allows for personalized blasts. Take advantage of the ClearVantage Fulfillment Wizard, a robust tool that is typically used to blast out weekly or monthly newsletters in formats such as HTML.

All of these options come right out-of-the-box with ClearVantage!

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Information Central & Report Writer

ClearVantage contains an Integrated Report Writer that allows users to create and store an unlimited number of reports within the system. Reports can be viewed as charts, graphs, or as simple lists of information -- the option is the user's choice. When a user selects a report in ClearVantage it populates in real-time, thus giving up-to-the-minute information. The system even allows for filters (for example: "show all revenue in a particular GL for the past 6 months").

Information Central is a tool that is utilized to categorize and place reports in the appropriate modules/areas within ClearVantage. For example, a report showing all new members over the past 12 months can be displayed in the membership module for all users to access and view, or it can be protected and placed on the membership manager's dashboard for that user's view only. This powerful functionality provides protection for any and all reports in the system.

When extensive OLAP is required, simply use ClearVantage Insight, the system's built-in business intelligence tool. Data cubes allow users to view comparisons over weeks, months, or years by simply selecting the appropriate cube (e.g. show all new members over the past 5 years by member type and join month).

ClearVantage will also display reports created using Microsoft's SQL reporting Tool, Crystal reports and other third party reporting tools.

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ClearVantage Insight

Track current and potential members, examine trends in your market space, realize better business opportunities, and gain access to real-time analysis of your organization's information with ClearVantage's business intelligence module, ClearVantage Insight. Using embedded in-memory analytics, ClearVantage Insight actively sources and captures your association's data to create detailed charts, graphs, visuals, and trend analyses based on predetermined criteria called "cubes." With Insight, gaining valuable information about your organization through business intelligence no longer requires a tedious data sourcing process. Instead, Insight automatically loads and compresses all of the desired data into a "chewable" arrangement that can be easily queried, stored, and analyzed by any user. ClearVantage gives you an endless range of possibilities for business intelligence that can be accessed in a matter of seconds, saving your organization both time and money.

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Accounting Integration Module

Accounting management is key functionality in ClearVantage. ClearVantage becomes an organization's accounts receivable (A/R) system, creating all invoices  within the system and entering payments against those invoices. ClearVantage allows users to manage all required General Ledger Codes (GL Codes) as well. In fact, anytime there is an opportunity to derive revenue, ClearVantage manages that functionality as well.

Another powerful feature of the ClearVantage's Accounting Integration Module is the multi-company accounting capabilities. Many associations manage more than one organization (e.g. the membership organization, the political action committee, local chapters, etc.). ClearVantage is configured to enable this functionality right out-of-the-box.

While ClearVantage does manage all A/R functionality, it is not an accounts payable tool. Once paid invoices are processed within ClearVantage (using the ClearVantage Finance Wizard), the information can easily be pushed electronically to the client's own Financial Management system.

The ClearVantage Integrated Report Writer allows users to view real-time reports to ensure that the information is correct, that the books are balanced, and that the transactions are processed appropriately.

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Outlook Integration Module

Allow users to pick up, view, and respond to emails directly from their ClearVantage Dashboard. Icons indicate whether the emailer is an active member or not. Users can store emails in the emailer's ClearVantage notebook. The system even allows users to create a ClearVantage record for the emailers with just a click of a mouse.

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Exchange Integration Module

For those users that spend much of their time working with contacts in MS Outlook, Exchange Server Integration allows them to grab a list and go. ClearVantage dynamically generates lists for contact and communication purposes that are then pushed out from the user's Outlook mail. Lists can be as simple as local active members, committee and chapter members to boards.

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Lyris Integration Module

For those organizations that utilize Lyris for email marketing and delivering important messages, the ClearVantage Lyris integration option is the perfect tool. Generate real-time lists within ClearVantage that are used for pushing information to clients, prospects and other email recipients.

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Address Verification Integration Module

With spam filters set to high and ISP’s cracking down on mass emails more and more, groups are turning back to standard “snail mail” to push out relevant information regarding their organization. In most cases, the expense associated with mailing to an invalid address is one that can be almost completely avoided by selecting a CASS (address verification) system that can be integrated with ClearVantage.

Once integrated, addresses are marked appropriately (e.g. I-COAR Invalid Change of  Address Requested) and are then excluded from queries, thus saving time and money on outgoing mailings and the expense of retrieving “bad mail” from the USPS or other shippers.

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