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ClearVantage Online

Web Based Association Management Software

ClearVantage Online is the browser-based version of ClearVantage association management software. CV Online empowers your staff to manage your association from anywhere, at anytime. CV Online enables most CV users to perform 100% of their ClearVantage tasks using any PC, Mac or Tablet with a browser. The familiar user interface makes it easy to switch between ClearVantage Office and Online. Any user familiar with ClearVantage Office will be comfortable using CV Online, and vice versa.

Access Anywhere –  ClearVantage Online allows association staff to access their AMS from almost any device with an internet browser including Macs, PCs and Tablets.

Beautiful and Consistent Interface –  The CV Online interface is both beautiful and consistent. Switching between CV Online and ClearVantage Office is seamless to users. All the reports and information that users have access to in ClearVantage Office are available in CV Online.

Easy to Use and Productivity Enhancing –  Current browser-based interfaces are one dimensional and limiting to staff – multi-tasking is almost impossible. By contrast, CV Online was designed from the ground up to make staff users productive. Tasks are easy to perform and multiple items, such as a report, an event profile and a member profile, can be visible at once empowering users to provide better and more knowledgeable service.

Secure Access for Chapters – For organizations with chapters, ClearVantage Online provides multiple options for providing access to (and restricting access to) chapter leaders, chapter staff and chapter volunteers. CV Online configuration options include (but are not limited to) basic read-only access to the user's chapter data and reports only; limited editing ability for chapter specific data, such as the ability to change member addresses; full access to all the user's chapter data and functions (it's like each chapter has it's own AMS); and read-only access to overall organization information (e.g., users can see events, products, members in other chapters) with full access rights to the user's chapter data and functions.