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Member Relationship Management

Build and Maintain Personal Relationships

Member relationship management (MRM) is not just another buzzword– it is a business practice that, when implemented correctly, is integral to an organization’s long-term success and growth. The overall goal of MRM is to build and maintain highly personalized relationships with each member to cultivate organizational loyalty and value. Key components of MRM include personalized, knowledge-based service, marketing efforts targeted to meet each member’s needs, multiple service channels and streamlined order processing.

Successfully implementing MRM requires an effective tool set to work: Euclid Technology’s ClearVantage 9 contains powerful MRM features that will make your association indispensable to your members.

Knowledge-Based Service

Effective MRM cannot be achieved without first understanding who your member is – what are her interests, skills, educational background, service and purchase history? ClearVantage’s “single view” of all member-related information provides member representatives with a complete profile so they can deliver rich and personalized member service. All organizational (e.g., memberships, products, events, subscriptions, committees, chapters) and member information (e.g., outstanding orders, event registrations, membership dates, subscription renewals) is at your staff’s fingertips, making it easy to answer any member inquiries. Service is further enhanced by ClearVantage’s ability to instantly recommend products and services most relevant to each member. This same level of personalized service is available online using ClearVantage’s advanced website content management features.

Precision Marketing

Providing relevant products and services to each member makes your association even more essential. Members value ties to an organization that recognizes their interests, acknowledges their expertise and furthers their professional development. ClearVantage makes it easy to design and execute “precision” marketing campaigns that achieve unparalleled results. Segment members by key characteristics (e.g., age, interests, skills, certification needs, event participation, sales history) to identify those most likely to be interested in a specific product or service. Then instantly email, fax, call or mail (based upon the member’s preference) your marketing message – all from within ClearVantage. Comprehensive campaign management features allow you to track the effectiveness of each marketing effort and update your marketing strategy accordingly. ClearVantage’s online survey capabilities help your organization anticipate changing membership needs and identify new marketing opportunities.

Multiple Service Channels

Today’s members are neither cyber nor traditional, they are both - hence the need for multiple service channels. Offering members access to service via phone, fax, email, walk-in and the web is critical to effectively serving your customers – when, where and how they want it. ClearVantage offers multiple service channels and automates the process across each, eliminating the need for double entry.

Streamlined Processing

A key yet frequently overlooked step to effective MRM is streamlined order entry and fulfillment. ClearVantage smoothes out these processes and ensures that service requests are answered, the right products and services are purchased, and delivery schedules are met. Order entry features include powerful searching capabilities, easy to use shopping carts and registration forms, and “one-click” ordering.

ClearVantage’s complete integration means that members are immediately notified if, for example, a product is out of stock or an event is full. All orders taken – whether via the web, fax, phone, or in person – are immediately accessed through the appropriate fulfillment interface. Direct integration with your partners (such as UPS, FedEx, USPS for shipping) makes managing logistics a breeze. And, of course, all confirmation, order status, and delivery information is instantly available through all service channels.