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ClearVantage Sapphire Hosting is a secure, convenient and affordable way to move ClearVantage and your website to the cloud. With CV Sapphire you eliminate the hassle and cost of managing your own software and servers, and you always have access to the latest and best features of ClearVantage.



Secure Access Anywhere with an Internet Connection.

As a PCI Compliant service provider, we ensure that your member's financial information is safe, no matter where you or your employees access the database.  CV Sapphire clients save substantial time and money because it reduces the PCI-compliance burden for an organization from having to meet hundreds of complex requirements to having to meet a just a few simple requirements.



Save Time, Stay Up-to-Date, and Access All Features.

With CV Sapphire Hosting, your organization will never have to worry about manually updating your organization's CV software or servers again! CV Sapphire Hosting provides automatic upgrades and updates to ensure that your organization is always equipped with the latest features. You also get instant access to ClearVantage Connect , ClearVantage Online, and ClearVantage Mobile Team.



Enhanced Speed, Connectivity and Reliability.

ClearVantage Sapphire is hosted on performance-tuned and monitored servers housed in a SSAE 16 and ISO certified data center. Our data center has seven fiber optic internet connections with direct access to carrier backbones. It can run for 90 days without power. Data is continuously backed up locally and to offsite servers. So matter what the situation, your staff and members will have uninterrupted, fast and reliable access.

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Hosting FAQs

The complete time frame to migrate can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on various factors (the migration schedule must be coordinated in advance). If you are on a recent version of ClearVantage, ClearVantage Web and ClearVantage Connect, then migration just needs to be scheduled. If you are on an outdated version of ClearVantage, then time must be factored in to perform an upgrade and conduct testing. Often times the move to CV Sapphire also includes upgrading the website to ClearVantage Connect, Euclid's state-of-the-art Content Management System. Hence we will setup a staging environment for you in CV Sapphire so the website can be created and content migrated. This can take a couple weeks to a few months depending on what your website objectives are.
No. As part of the migration, we upgrade you to the latest version of ClearVantage, ClearVantage Web, and ClearVantage Connect (if you are using it). For ClearVantage Web, we use the latest CV Web baseline to start with and then we add your organization's specific CV Web configurations as "overrides" to the baseline. This allows us to deploy new web functionality on a standard schedule but also maintains the unique configurations of your website.
With ClearVantage Sapphire, you get complete access to all of ClearVantage's functionality. However, for PCI compliance and standardized upgrades, there is no direct access to the SQL Server database (e.g., you can't access it with SQL Management Studio). This means that you cannot do the things that you should not be doing anyways, such as changing stored procedures or triggers, but you still have complete access to the integrated report writing tools in CV. There is also a new SQL Administrator access tool in CV that you can use to do system wide database updates, selects, etc.
If you currently host yourself, you are required to fill out the PCI Council's SAQ D to be fully compliant. This documents has hundreds of requirements that govern everything from your wireless access points to your firewalls and server monitoring. The fact that CV is PA-DSS certified helps, but it would cost literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to be fully PCI-compliant based on the SAQ D. For most clients hosted in CV Sapphire, all that is required is completing a one-page SAQ A filing and signing up for a quarterly PCI scan.
Good question. There is a lot more to being PCI compliant than just having your servers in a PCI-compliant data center (and not all data centers are PCI compliant). The entire CV Sapphire infrastructre is PCI-compliant (have a look at the PCI Council's SAQ D to get an idea of what this means). But here are a few highlights: Our hosting adds active Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) that are monitored 24x7 by actual people (Alert Logic). All access and changes to every system component is sent to an actively monitored centralized logging system. All access requires multi-factor authentication. These are just three of the over five hundred requirements the CV Sapphire hosting service meets to be PCI-compliant. Getting your servers to a regular data-center only gets you about 2% towards SAQ D PCI compliance. Furthermore, the cost of upgrades are included when you host with Euclid. If you host at another facility, you need to pay Euclid to install, test and deploy upgrades.
No. Euclid currently hosts over 30 clients in our hosting facility and clients are signing up quickly. In fact, all new clients are hosted with Euclid. We estimate that by then end of 2018, Euclid will have over 300 clients in its hosting facility.
ClearVantage Sapphire is still a good option. All of your ClearVantage web services are hosted in Euclid's environment and your outside website simply integrates with CV Web the same way it does now. However, since your CV Web Forms are hosted by Euclid you get all the same PCI Compliance and security benefits of CV Sapphire. But you really should consider upgrading to the greatest CMS in the world (that would be ClearVantage Connect :)).