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Additional Support Services


In addition to the training that takes place as part of the implementation process, Euclid emphasizes continuing education to teach new features and keep clients informed about Euclid products. To this end, Euclid provides a variety of live and computer-based training opportunities. They include:

  • The Euclid Training Center: Euclid offers quarterly training sessions at the Euclid Training Center in Bethesda, Maryland. These sessions usually focus on one area of ClearVantage (e.g., Membership, Events, etc.) and often highlight new features in the software. Sessions are open to all Euclid clients and last one to two days.

  • Customized On-Site Training: Euclid provides on-site training sessions upon request that focus on specific needs of the client. On-site training is usually in response to a new feature or a change in business practices by the client.

  • Customized WebEx/Remote Training: Euclid provides customized remote training upon request. This type of training is geared towards single users and focuses on specific features and business practices employed by the client.

  • ClearVantage User Group Meeting: Euclid provides opportunities for clients to gather and share ideas on best practices for using ClearVantage as well as helpful hints and updates on the software.

Software Maintenance:

Included as part of the Annual Maintenance fee, Euclid provides our clients with any updates, enhancements, modifications, revisions, additions or conversions to the software or documentation. Updates do not include additional modules that may be added to the ClearVantage software. This dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership for our clients, and ensures that they always have the most up-to-date technological platform available.

Other services that Euclid offers to its clients include innovative web development; customized report writing; software development; consulting services and other as-needed projects that respond to clients' changing post-implementation needs.


Support Services