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ClearVantage Sapphire Hosting is a secure, convenient and affordable way to move ClearVantage and your website to the cloud. With CV Sapphire you eliminate the hassle and cost of managing your own software and servers, and you always have access to the latest and best features of ClearVantage.

Secure Access Everywhere.

As a PCI Compliant service provider, we ensure that your member's financial information is safe, no matter where you or your employees access the database. CV Sapphire clients save substantial time and money because it reduces the PCI-compliance burden for an organization from having to meet hundreds of complex requirements to having to meet a just a few simple requirements.

Save Time & Stay Up-to-Date

With CV Sapphire Hosting, your organization will never have to worry about manually updating your organization's CV software or servers again! CV Sapphire Hosting provides automatic upgrades and updates to ensure that your organization is always equipped with the latest features. You also get instant access to ClearVantage Connect , ClearVantage Online, and ClearVantage Mobile Team.

Enhanced Speed, Connectivity, and Reliability.

ClearVantage Sapphire is hosted on performance-tuned and monitored servers housed in a SSAE 16 and ISO certified data center. Our data center has seven fiber optic internet connections with direct access to carrier backbones. It can run for 90 days without power. Data is continuously backed up locally and to offsite servers. No matter the situation, your staff and members will have uninterrupted, fast and reliable access.