Services-old Implementation

Comprehensive & Rapid


Euclid uses its SystemOne™  best practices approach to drive our implementation process. This approach ensures that we work closely with the client team to systematically identify and analyze the organization’s business processes, as well as its challenges and long-term objectives. 


Requirements & Analysis

Euclid's expert implementation team will work with you to identify impacted processes and document specific requirements based on your needs.High level "to be" processes are defined and a preliminary inventory of source data is documented. The result of this step is called the Business System Evaluation (BSE).

Business System Design

Once your needs are documented, we prepare the Business System Design (BSD). The BSD describes exactly how the system will be configured to meet your needs and lays out the schedule for configuring the system, converting data, training users and going live. 

System Configuration

ClearVantage is configured to meet the specifications in the BSD. This includes configuring business rules (e.g., your dues renewal and certification rules), laying out user roles and dashboards, configuring online member functionality, creating integration points, converting data and performing testing. 

Training & Go Live

Once the system is configured, users are trained using a combination of on-demand learning and in-person training. The fully configured system is then put into production (aka Go Live). Euclid's team provide onsite Go Live support and post-implementation support.

What Makes Our Process Unique?

Our Approach

Euclid applies its SystemOne methodology to its implementation process to ensure that each Euclid client is provided with a solution that matches their vision. Using this approach, Euclid turns the traditional requirements phase into a structured conversation that focuses on a client’s core needs, processes, challenges and short and long term objectives.

Our Expertise

With Euclid, you have both the technology and the experienced team to help you move forward in today’s competitive marketplace. Euclid’s implementation teams rely on their industry expertise to tailor a software solution that meets the organization's unique needs and objectives.With a combined several decades of experience in this industry, our staff has successfully worked with a number of different associations and member-based organizations to create solutions that meet their particular needs and goals.

Our Support

Throughout the implementation process, Euclid’s team of experts will be there to guide you each step of the way. You’ll always have experts to call on for explanations and answers as your comprehensive solution takes shape.Acting as your business partner throughout the process and beyond, our team provides customized support to ensure that our solution matches your changing needs, now and in the future.