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euclidPay delivers

 The Lowest Cost - we will meet or beat your current rate, and:
 No Gateway Fees
 No Hidden Fees
 One single statement
 Automated reconciliation so ClearVantage, your books, and your bank account are always in sync!
 Automated recurring monthly charges for memberships, subscriptions, and donations (EZ-Pay).
 Card-on-file support allows users to store and reuse credit cards during check-out.
 Automated email notifications for customers to update expiring cards on file.
 Optional: Automated updating of expired or reissued cards on file. 30% of credit cards expire or are reissued each year - think of the time and headaches saved!
 EMV/chip reader support so you can perform “Card Present” transactions. Onsite registration and in-person fundraising are a snap when you can just "insert the card!"
 One centralized place for credit card support - no more having to contact your gateway or merchant account provider - all your support is directly through Euclid.
 PCI 3.2 Compliant and PA-DSS 3.2 certified.

Software meets Hardware

Use euclidPay at your next conference.

  Add the customer's items to the cart.
  Click pay, and the payment request will be pushed to an external payment device, such as the one shown here.
  The customer inserts her credit card into the mobile device and approves the payment.
  The payment gets sent back to ClearVantage, and the payment is complete in a matter of seconds!


Learn the story behind euclidPay

eulidPay is the culmination of the best minds in the payment processing industry working with the Euclid development team to create a truly unique payments solution.

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An overview of euclidPay

This video provides a brief overview of euclidPay. You'll see just how tightly integrated it is with ClearVantage to make payment processing seamless. From detailed financial reporting and transaction information, to adding new payment terminals, see what euclidPay can provide for your organization.

Prior to euclidPay, processing payments in ClearVantage required you to have a dedicated merchant account (e.g., from your bank or a merchant provider like CyberSource) and a separate gateway account (e.g., PayPal, Authorize.net, etc.). With euclidPay, you no longer need a merchant account or a gateway account. Rather, credit and debit cards are processed directly through euclidPay, saving your organization money while providing great features not available from external gateways. euclidPay is built on the powerful and PCI-certified payment processing backbone of Euclid's parent company, Fullsteam. Fullsteam is a payment processing company that specializes in simplifying, streamlining and reducing the costs of credit card processing by directly integrating its processing technology into software like ClearVantage. Fullsteam has extensive experience in payment processing and is listed as a certified processor on the PCI Council's website. euclidPay and Fullsteam are PCI certified.