Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

For over 20 years, Euclid has helped member-based organizations achieve their objectives, whether it's streamlining internal operations, growing membership, driving sales or enhancing their online presence. Our client success stories describe specific ways in which we've helped our clients realize their vision and grow their business. 

Cobar CLE Logo

Colorado Bar Association CLE Reinvents Its Website with CV Connect CMS

CBA CLE reinvented their website with Euclid's Content Management System, CV Connect, which allowed them all the benefits of a traditional CMS with the added benefits of a CMS/AMS integration. 

California Medical Association Logo

The California Medical Association Manages Complex Billing with ClearVantage

ClearVantage helped CMA handle their complex dues billing structure by creating a dues transmittal process in which each of their 39 chapters can submit their invoices to them directly in batches.

American Waterways Operators Logo

The American Waterways Operators Automate Processes with ClearVantage

AWO wanted to use ClearVantage to streamline two of its internal business processes: (1) integration of a safety management certification program into membership; and (2) digitizing its equipment reporting for its members