Euclid Technology's 2019 ClearVantage User Group Conference

| March 29, 2019

Euclid Technology, a leading provider of association management software, content management systems, and mobile web solutions, has announced the dates of its prominent ClearVantage User Group Conference (UGC). This year’s UGC will be held on October 21, 2019 – October 23, 2019 at the National Housing Center in downtown Washington, D.C.


UGC 2019 will include three days of informative presentations, lively roundtable discussions, product previews, hands-on training, and ample time for networking with fellow ClearVantage users and Euclid staff. Euclid’s clients from across the United States and Canada will attend. A wide variety of sessions will allow just about any association staff person to gain valuable information – whether a Membership Director, Meeting Planner, Report Writer, Web Designer, Marketing Manager, or an Executive Director.


The UGC sessions will cover nearly everything that Euclid’s clients do with ClearVantage; business intelligence, certification, events, finance, marketing, membership, and web, to name just a few areas. Sessions will also include Q&A discussions led by industry experts, where topics of general interest to the association world will be explored, such as data privacy legislation, selling the big-ticket items, and inbound and outbound marketing.


Additionally, this year’s conference will offer up to 10.75 Certified Association Executive (CAE) credits. If you’re interested in becoming a CAE, Euclid's UGC courses will be a great place to start. The UGC CAE courses will also prove useful to those who are in the process of becoming a Certified Association Executive, or those who need additional credit hours to maintain their current CAEs. The UGC 2019 will be a great opportunity to boost CAE credit hours. 


According to Emma Barnett, Euclid’s Technical Trainer and Knowledge Manager, the UGC is more than just a training opportunity. “Our goals for the UGC are twofold: to have relevant and engaging sessions and to grow and strengthen the ClearVantage community of users. To that end, we provide plenty of opportunities throughout the UGC for attendees to connect and socialize with other ClearVantage users at associations and nonprofits throughout the U.S. and Canada. We want people to come away from the UGC excited and energized – both by what they have learned and by the people that they have met at the UGC.”


Euclid's President, Charlie Vinal, says, “We are delighted to be hosting UGC 2019! Our staff is busy planning the sessions and finalizing the content for what will no doubt be the very best UGC yet. What’s particularly rewarding about the UGC is seeing all of our clients – whether new to Euclid or long-time clients – engaged and learning from each other. There is a tremendous exchange of ideas and information at the conference, and this allows us to improve our products and services and foster an even stronger ClearVantage community.”


About Euclid Technology:

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, Euclid provides premier association management software solutions, content management systems, and mobile web solutions to associations and other member-based organizations. Established in 1997, Euclid delivers superior products and services to clients such as the Utah Bar Association, the California Medical Association, the International Association of Emergency Managers, and more. To learn more about the products and services Euclid has to offer, please visit our website at www.euclidtechnology.com or call (301) 657-8089.