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The story behind Fullsteam and euclidPay

We believe our payment products, including euclidPay, are unique and different from anything else you’ve ever seen.

You see, the folks who started Fullsteam worked in the payments processing business for years. They kept seeing the same problems over and over.

For instance, when a customer has a problem taking a payment, who do they call? Do they call their software company, or do they call their credit card processor? We heard SO many stories of customers calling their software company, only to be told they needed to call their credit card processor. And then when they call their credit card processor, well you guessed it, they’re told they need to call their software company. And sometimes, we’re told, that’s not just a hassle, there’s someone in the store, or on-line, who just gives up and walks away.

And almost every customer told us that payments reconciliation is a real hassle. Customers have to match the bank deposit with what the merchant statement says the bank deposit was, and reconcile that against what the software says the sales were. They tell us these things almost never match.

They say this often takes a lot of time and is very frustrating. Making matters worse, many companies told us the credit card statement is almost impossible to understand.

The few customers who really took the time and effort to drill into their payments told us they always found problems that resulted in extra costs. One person told us they saved $100,000 over time just by carefully analyzing their credit card charges each month.

SO many people said to us, “Why do I have to call two different places when I have a payments problem? And why do I have to look at 3 different systems to reconcile? And why do I have to go line by line on my statement to find problems?

In a few years, software will be driving unmanned tractor trailer trucks across the country. If software can drive a truck across the country, then why can’t the software reconcile my payments information, and why can’t the software TELL me where the problems are, instead of me having to hunt for them line by line? I mean, come on, it’s 2019! The credit card processing industry is still acting like it’s in the 1990’s."

The founders of Fullsteam decided that there IS a better way. We’re working with our software partners to tightly integrate the software and the payments processing engine. You contact one place, your software company, and they can answer any question you have about the software OR the payments. No more finger pointing.

And there’s no more going to different systems to reconcile payments. All of the credit card information is right there in a customer’s software at the click of a button.

Our objective is to use technology to permanently change the credit card processing industry, because customers deserve better. In 10 years, people will look back and laugh about how they can’t believe they used to have to contact two different companies and reconcile their payments by hand.

We think the time to start is now. Join the revolution. Get euclidPay!


Mike Lawler Charlie Vinal
Chief Executive Officer President
Fullsteam Euclid Technology Solutions


"Our objective is to use technology to permanently change the credit card processing industry, because customers deserve better."

Michael Lawler

CEO, Fullsteam


"We've worked closely with the payment experts at Fullsteam to create our new euclidPay offering and integrate it into ClearVantage and MemberConnection. Our clients are going to love the savings, convenience, and features of euclidPay!"

Charlie Vinal

President, Euclid Technology


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