Three Features to Keep Members Virtually Engaged

Joe DePumpo | | June 25, 2020

Many clients are telling us about new ways they are using ClearVantage, whether it is existing features they weren't using before, or new tools we have added recently. We wanted to share some popular ClearVantage features that can keep your members virtually engaged.

Engage - ClearVantage Surveys

There has been a large uptick in survey tool usage by our clients in the last few months. Targeted surveys give valuable insight into your members needs, and how they are changing. By anticipating how your members are adapting to this new environment, you can adapt along with them. All of the survey responses are captured directly in your AMS. ClearVantage also includes pre-built reporting tools to help you effectively analyze all the data your association collects.

Acknowledge - Personalized Emails

Merge fields in the email blast tool are not just for first and last names. Nearly any field in an indiviual record can be added as a custom merge field to an email. This provides unique opportunities to acknowledge your members personally, and show how your association has grown with them. Not only that, but ClearVantage includes integrated email tracking tools to help you analyze the success of each email you send. ClearVantage users can run reports to track opens and clicks at the summary and individual level. This can help associations track which members are the most and least engaged and follow-up accordingly. Users can also incorporate email activity into queries to run drip marketing campaigns. For example, you could run a query for all individuals that clicked on a registration link in an event invitation email, but didn't actually register for the event. Sending a follow-up email to these individuals with a discount code might encourage them to register.

Connect - Community Forums

Provide value to your members and enhance your community with ClearVantage Connect's forum feature. Online forums are an excellent way to substitute the face-to-face interactions of in-person conferences. Associations can create "Members Only" forums as an added benefit to joining or renewing membership. Setup internal "Staff Only" forums to allow your team to collaborate while working remotely.


How is your association keeping your members engaged virtually? Are you using ClearVantage in new ways? Leave us a comment below, we always like to hear how our clients are using our tools to fit their needs.

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