Dashboard improvements help you integrate better data into your processes

Joe DePumpo | | August 5, 2021

A capable and informative dashboard can be one of the best business intelligence tools in your arsenal. ClearVantage dashboards help synthesize the breadth of data that ClearVantage contains about your association and members. This makes it far easier to identify trends and address potential challenges before they become critical.

We have been working hard to continue improving ClearVantage dashboards to make them as comprehensive and powerful as possible. We wanted to create a dashboard tool that allowed dashboards to be customizable, flexible, and shareable, and there are several recent improvements that make this truer than ever.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all dashboard. Each ClearVantage user has different needs in terms of the information that is important to them, and sometimes those needs change over time. This is a great way to ensure your colleagues are all privy to the same information so that they can work towards the same goal.


Not only can dashboards now be tailored to a specific theme or job role, but they can also quickly be created for a temporary need, like a one-off event. For example, you can now create an annual conference dashboard in minutes and share it with relevant team members. It might contain live registration statistics and action items pertaining specifically to the event. Once the event is complete and you no longer need this information front and center, simply remove the dashboard.



You might also create a dashboard for your finance team that includes live metrics that matter to them. It is easy to have live financial data from any point in the system, from revenue breakdowns by type to credit card processing rates, and everything in between. It is now easier than ever to track the health of your organization, product, team, or campaign.


Not only can these dashboards be individualized based on subject, but now you can create as many dashboards as you need, and they will always be available to you in the home menu. Additionally, dashboards can be shared across team members so that everyone can be on the same page. Simply build the dashboard that you want, and then share it to your fellow users with a simple click of a button.

While hundreds of reports and widgets are available as dashboard widgets, you have even more flexibility with new custom HTML widgets. These custom widgets provide a great solution to users who are knowledgeable about HTML and need more complex widget functionality. When adding dashboard widgets, users may now select "Add to Top Panel" to add the widget to the top of the display area in a full-width view.  Multiple widgets may be added to the top panel and rearranged as normal within the top panel.


You can subscribe other ClearVantage users to any dashboard. The new interface also makes it easy to share the dashboard to all users, or a predefined list of users. You can choose to either subscribe a user to your dashboard or copy it to them. When a user is subscribed, they will receive a read-only version that will update as you add, remove, or reposition gadgets. If a user is copied, they will receive a snapshot of the current iteration of the dashboard. Any changes that you make will not be copied over to them, and vice-versa.


The new ClearVantage dashboard has the power to allow you to monitor the most important information about your day-to-day operations. Monitor in real time the health of a business, product, organizational team, or campaign. Inform communities about ongoing events, emergencies, and initiatives. Create a personalized view of a larger set of data to show all the metrics that matter to you.

The latest ClearVantage integrations

Our development team is always adding new integrations to ClearVantage. Here are a few of the latest:


Clowder is an all-in-one mobile application solution that allows for a full suite of features to provide a comprehensive mobile app for your members. Now you can deliver push notifications, and more in-depth event information to your members.


Nextiva provides a feature-rich unified communications platform that connects your phone system to other communication platforms, business apps, AI, and more. ClearVantage ensures that Nextiva is provided with the latest contact information about your members.

CQ Engage

CQ Engage is an advocacy software that enables you to educate and mobilize members and supporters in grassroots actions. We know that effective advocacy is imperative to so many of our clients. This new integration ensures you have the latest contact information from your database to make call-to-actions that much more effective.


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