Three Takeaways from Lehman's 2018 Report on Advanced Technology Use by Associations

Erin Reeve | | August 6, 2018

Lehman Associates, a company that provides market intelligence in the nonprofit space, published its "Advanced Technology Use by Associations" report earlier this year. The report summarizes results from a survey conducted on the use of new and emerging technologies — including marketing automation, smart features, augmented reality, virtual reality, and video marketing. In this article, we will review the three key trends from this survey and how ClearVantage Association Management Software can help you implement them.

  1. Marketing Automation is a hot topic. Of those surveyed, 71% currently use or plan to use marketing automation. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, marketing automation is the practice of automatically targeting and reaching out to people based on their behavior, interests, preferences and purchases.

How Can CV Help?​​

  • Predefined lists update automatically based on defined criteria. Automate your marketing efforts by setting up lists for events and product purchases. As soon as someone registers for an event, they will be taken off this list. Your marketing team will always know who to target with their next campaign.
  • If you’re using Euclid's CV Connect CMS, you can set up a web form to push products and events to customers based on their previous purchases and registrations. Offerings are personalized for each member or prospect that visits your site. For example, if Sally purchases Volume 1, you can have a Volume 2 banner automatically appear on her member dashboard.

2.     Video Marketing is “in”: 75% of respondents use video for marketing and/or promotional purposes, with the majority of those respondents (70%) using YouTube as their primary hosting platform.

How Can CV Help?

  • If you’re using CV Connect CMS, you can easily create videos and post them to your website. To save you space and keep your website running smoothly, you’ll want to post your video on a video platform (e.g., YouTube or Vimeo) first. Then, you’ll take the link and embed it into an HTML module on any page of your site.
  • If you’re creating a video library (for example, a learning resources library), videos can be easily organized by adding tags. Filters and search options can also be set up to meet your exact needs as well.

3. Smart Features/AI, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – not that important (yet). When asked if Smart Features/AI would be a future AMS decision factor, 66% (including the “other” category) say that they are just beginning to think about this. Only 10% of respondents said that these capabilities would be a requirement. As for AR/VR, only 8% of respondents are currently using or looking for these options. Our conclusion? It’s still too early to tell how these emerging technologies will impact associations.


Conclusion: Every association is different and the Euclid team is here to help! Whether you want to start a conversation about an emerging technology or get feedback on how your association can utilize ClearVantage Association Management Software to enhance its marketing, your Client Support Specialist is here for you! Contact them directly for more information.


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