From MES to Lead Scoring: Determining Engagement of Your Members and Prospects

Erin Reeve | | September 21, 2018

Member Engagement Scoring (MES) is a powerful way to quantify how much and how often your members interact with your association and within the member community. With MES, the most engaged members receive the highest scores. This helps identify net promoters that can help you recruit additional members, and also helps you identify those that are under utlizing their membership benefits so you can reach out to them. A good MES system can help your organization increase membership, revenue, retention and satisfaction.  ClearVantage has robust MES built in. It helps you measure both vertical interactions (interactions between the member and your organization, e.g., attending an event) and horizontal interactions (interactions between members, such as posting on the community forums).  This allows you to  calculate engagement based on the criteria that’s most important to your organization. The way it works is that you  set the number of points for each activity (e.g., going to an event may count as 5 points, serving on a committee may be 10 points, each year of continuous membership can be 2 points, each topic posted in the community may be 1 point. etc.). You also set a cap on the total number of points for any single each activity, e.g., you get 2 points per year of continuous membership, but you can only get 20 points total for membership duration. If you are using Euclid's community platform, horizontal engagement is built in. However, even if you use an external platform, such as Higher Logic, community activity can be posted real time to ClearVantage and scoring is updated accordingly.

Below is a what the member engagement score looks like in ClearVantage Online (the overall score is highlighted in red).

Engagement Score in Member Profile


Furthermore, there are multiple engagement reports available, such as the Member Engagement Score Card (shown below). 

You can also query by engagement score in ClearVantage. For example, you can find all members that have an engagement score above 70 and ask them to participate in a membership recruiting drive. You can also identify those with a low engagement score and execute an outreach program to increase their engagement.

In addition to having robust MES capabilities, ClearVantage also supports lead scoring, which is being used more and more as a way to help organizations quantify the likelihood that a prospect can be converted into a member or customer. Like MES, lead scoring calculates engagement based on the frequency and value of prospect interactions.

With ClearVantage, you can create your own lead scoring system using the built-in Opportunity Management module. Here's how to get started: 

  • First, consider the most valuable engagement points. Some examples include email opens and/or clicks, prospect events, visits to pages on your website (homepage, landing page, etc.).
  • Next, give each interaction point a weight or numerical value. This can be as complex or as simple as you’d like. 
  • Then, determine how you'll track prospect scoring.

To setup this functionality in ClearVantage, login to the application and open an opportunity. Head to the "Details" tab of the opportunity record (as shown below). 



  • In the image above, each field is combined to create a Factor Total,  Probability and Estimated Value (at the bottom of the screen). You will notice that as you update each factor, these numbers will change accordingly. 
  • You can update any field listed in the "Customize ClearVantage" section of the database.  

Though lead scoring may take some time to set up, its purpose is to save you time in the long run by helping you prioritize leads, and determine “low hanging fruit."

 Ready to get started? Contact your Client Support Analyst to learn more about how ClearVantage Association Management Software can help you with MES and Lead Scoring!

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