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The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association Increases Efficiency with ClearVantage

ALSA implements centralized database and mobile interface to stay connected with Members


The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association (ALSA), regulates the practice of land surveying in Alberta, Canada. Some of the association’s responsibilities include setting the standards for experience and education required to practice land surveying, administering Continuing Competency Reviews to current land surveyors, and setting a strict code of conduct for industry professionals.

Prior to adopting ClearVantage, ALSA used multiple systems to conduct day-to-day operations, including managing their members. After implementing ClearVantage, it was easier for ALSA to manage its complex membership, and more convenient for its members to access information online, and even on-the-go using Euclid’s mobile application, ClearVantage Mobile Member.

Central Database Increases Efficiency

ALSA made significant gains in efficiency after implementing ClearVantage. No longer was there a need to have multiple data sources to help manage the association. Once data could be stored and updated in one comprehensive system, processes became streamlined; the need for repetitive data entry disappeared, and information no longer needed to be tracked in third party applications.

Of particular importance to ALSA was the ability to manage its complex membership. The association has 10 different membership categories. Each of these membership categories have different dues rates, pay different fees, and have their own set of membership criteria. All of this information needed to be closely tracked and managed.

For example, an “ALS” member (the primary active membership in ALSA) has to pay annual dues and also complete Continuing Competency Reviews (CCR) among many other requirements. An “Articled Pupil” member (essentially an ALS in training) pays a different annual dues fee, and while not required to complete the CCR program, is required to complete a wide variety of affiliated examinations. These are just a few of the data points that needed to be tracked. The complex membership could only be managed by a powerful yet nimble AMS.

“The complexity of our membership categories made them cumbersome to manage,” explains Dawn Phelan, Executive Assistant at ALSA. “There didn’t seem to be a technology solution that could handle it, which forced ALSA to spend time and resources tracking membership in various Excel spreadsheets. We were excited to realize ClearVantage had the functional capabilities we needed.”

ClearVantage was able to automate nearly the entire membership process. ClearVantage was configured to track all the memberships separately and associate each membership with its unique requirements. In ClearVantage, ALSA was able to set up “action item routing plans” associated with each membership as a checklist to ensure that all membership requirements were properly met before any member was recognized as active. ClearVantage also enables ALSA to perform useful functions, such as automatically adjusting the tax applied to products and member dues based on local tax codes.

“There didn’t seem to be a technology solution that could handle it, which forced ALSA to spend time and resources tracking membership in various Excel spreadsheets. We were excited to realize ClearVantage had the functional capabilities we needed.”

– Dawn Phelan
Executive Assistant
The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association

Mobile Member Improves ALSA’s Customer Service

In addition to Euclid’s ClearVantage AMS, ALSA implemented ClearVantage Mobile Member; Euclid’s mobile application designed to keep associations connected with their members wherever they are. There were a few essential features ALSA was looking for in their member facing application:

First, ALSA wanted members to be able to register and view upcoming events from their mobile devices. CV Mobile Member provides their members with a detailed view of all events. Members are now able to register for any event directly from their mobile device and even register for individual sessions within an event.

Second, ALSA members needed the ability to update their member profiles from their mobile devices. ClearVantage Mobile allows ALSA members to update many aspects of their profiles including contact information, address, profile picture, demographic information, and more. Members also have the ability to look up profiles and contact information of other ALSA members.

Third, members needed the ability to purchase products from their smartphones and tablets. After implementing CV Mobile Member, ALSA members were able to easily login and purchase products including books, manuals, and surveying equipment from almost any location.

“Our members are increasingly requesting ‘on-the-go’ access to member services from their cell phones and tablets,” says Dawn Phelan. “Implementing Mobile Member was an opportunity for us to add value and convenience to our member experience. It also became a new opportunity for generating more non-dues revenue since members can now purchase products from almost anywhere.”

Moving Forward with ALSA

“ALSA is a prime example of how investing in technology can pay dividends for staff and members alike,” explains Charlie Vinal, Euclid’s Founder and President. “ALSA’s staff benefit from an AMS system that reduces the need for multiple data entries and increases automation of time consuming tasks. ALSA’s members benefit from increased mobile access, which allows them to connect with other members, register for events, and purchase products from almost anywhere.” Vinal concludes, “This implementation could never have run so smoothly without the hard work of both the ALSA and Euclid teams. We are excited to not only have gained another partner in the Canadian market, but to forge a partnership with an association that is so forward thinking with regards to how technology can make them even more responsive to their membership.”


Client Profile: The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association

The Alberta Land Surveyors' Association (ALSA), established in 1910, is a self-governing professional association legislated under the Land Surveyors Act. The Association regulates the practice of land surveying for the protection of the public and administration of the profession. ALSA serves the public by establishing a code of ethics for practitioners to follow, ensuring non-licensed individuals do not engage in land surveying, guaranteeing licensed practitioners are reviewed and assessed at least once every four years, and much more.