The Educational Theatre Association Streamlines Operations with ClearVantage

EdTA gains efficiency and functionality by transitioning to ClearVantage Association Management Software


ClearVantage Consolidates Multiple Databases for EdTA

"In evaluating the many association management software (AMS) vendors out there, we knew that we needed a proven, robust AMS solution that would be able to handle the large amount of information we deal with on a daily basis," states Sandy Morgan, EdTA's Manager of Information Technology. "Too much of our data was scattered throughout various databases of information. As a result, inefficiencies in our flow of business quickly became apparent. For example, our prior system forced us to create many external processes in order to access even the simplest of member information—leading to the creation of duplicate member records, a time consuming internal review process, and a tedious crosschecking procedure by different departments in our organization. With ClearVantage 7, we are now much more streamlined and efficient."

By organizing all of the association's information into one integrated, centralized source, ClearVantage increases data integrity across every level of EdTA's organization. "One of the many things that has satisfied us the most about ClearVantage," continues Morgan, "is its capacity to seamlessly create lists of information and extract data based on pre-selected criteria—without the need of intensive cross-checking by staff. In addition, ClearVantage allows us to delegate administrative rights and responsibilities, giving specified users the ability to access the information they need in order to quickly and efficiently accomplish the task that they are assigned. In other words, the tedious internal review of information amongst EdTA's departments [that we were once accustomed to] is eliminated, permitting each department to focus on what it does best."

“Euclid's team took the 'extra step' by making it their objective to give us the level of comfort we needed to move forward, and not leave us behind with just a training manual.”

– David LaFleche
Director of Membership
Educational Theatre Association

ClearVantage Seamlessly Manages EdTA Events

EdTA has been exceptionally pleased with ClearVantage's ability to track and manage events effortlessly and in real-time. "Our annual show every August brings in thousands of individuals from across our membership base. With ClearVantage, we will be able to manage almost every intricacy of this event from logistics [such as room assignments, guest speakers, and event rules] to registration. ClearVantage will also allow us to easily stay in touch with our troupe chapters and our student members, as well as track the many fundraising activities and other events that we participate in," concludes Morgan.

Euclid Technology Provides EdTA with Superior Service

In addition to their overall satisfaction with ClearVantage, EdTA staff has been very impressed with the level of service provided by Euclid's team of professionals throughout the entire implementation process. "They really took a lot of time to fully understand our business processes," notes EdTA's Director of Membership, David LaFleche. "From effectively capturing our old data to ensure a smooth system conversion to providing thorough, step-by -step training lessons on how to use ClearVantage, Euclid's team took the 'extra step' by making it their objective to give us the level of comfort we needed to move forward, and not leave us behind with just a training manual. Euclid truly offers the best support of any software company that I have ever dealt with, and that level of personalized attention has meant so much to our staff throughout the implementation and now after the go live."

"We have worked hard over the years to develop and hone a methodology that allows our implementations to go so smoothly," says Charlie Vinal, Founder and President of Euclid. "This methodology ensures that we not only ask all the right questions but that we listen carefully to our clients. Of course, any methodology won't work unless you have great people – on both the client side and here at Euclid. The success at EdTA certainly points to a terrific and committed association staff working closely with our experienced, dedicated team to get the project done right," notes Vinal.


Eliminate need for multiple record keeping and inefficient double-entry of data.


Consolidate various databases into one unified ClearVantage AMS.


Increased organizational efficiency, reduced membership management errors, and enhanced technical capabilities.


Client Profile: Educational Theatre Association

Founded in 1929, the Educational Theatre Association honors excellence among students and educators of theatre. As an organization that embraces the concept of theatre as an instrument of lifelong learning, EdTA, together with its International Thespian Society branch, offers a wide variety of benefits to its members, including professional development workshops, chapter conferences and festivals. Since its inception, EdTA has inducted more than 2 million members throughout the United States, Canada and overseas.